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ISSUE  00-36

DATE:   07/00


The Departments of Public Social Services, Children and Family Services, Mental Health, Health Services and Probation provide duplicate services for shared clients. The Board of Supervisors mandated these Departments to coordinate efforts in determining the funding source for linked services.

The Department of Children and Family Services’ Family Preservation Program is well equipped to provide services and assist these clients in overcoming barriers to achieve and sustain employment (e.g., substance abuse, domestic violence and mental health problems). The use of CalWORKs funding for Family Preservation services allows families to continue receiving Family Preservation Program services. These services assist in successfully preserving and strengthening families.

It is the responsibility of the Family Preservation Review Unit under the Revenue Enhancement Division to:

    • Ensure that all CalWORKs eligible families receiving Family Preservation Program services through the Departments of Children and Family Services and Probation are referred for the Greater Avenues for Independence (GAIN) Program.
    • Identify Family Preservation Program cases with the number of claimable hours to the Department of Public Social Services.
    • Ensure that all Department of Children and Family Services families receiving Emergency Assistance have the appropriate forms completed in order to maximize revenue for the program.

Effective July 1, 2000, the Community Development Coordinator liaisons will fax all DCFS 800 forms to the Family Preservation Review Unit located at the Pasadena office at (626) 397-9150. Upon receipt of the DCFS 800, Revenue Enhancement staff will update the CWS/CMS database with all Family Preservation referrals, including start/stop dates, levels of service, types of service, the name of the Family Preservation agency and CalWORKs eligibility. This will provide the Community Family Preservation Network and Community Development Coordinator with CalWORKs/GAIN participants in a more expedient manner.


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