F O R   Y O U R   I N F O R M A T I O N

ISSUE  00-80

DATE:   12/00


Multidisciplinary Assessment and Service Hub Overview

This is a reminder to our staff that Children’s Institute International (CII) is accepting referrals for its Hub Program located at its two facilities; 21810 Normandie Ave. Torrance, CA, 90502; and, 711 S. New Hampshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90005.

The Hub Program is one of numerous programs and services that CII has established for children and families in the Child Protective Services system. In its commitment to meeting the multiple needs of this unique population, CII has developed a strong expertise in assessing medical fragile children and children with prenatal drug exposure, attention deficit disorder, severe emotional and behavioral problems, aggressive behaviors and developmental disabilities. In addition, CII offers services, including supportive consultation services, to parents, foster parents, adoptive parents and relative caregivers.

Designed specifically to meet the need of DCFS-served children and families, key features of the Hub Program include:

  • Multidisciplinary staff, including a multicultural, bilingual team of experienced clinicians;
  • Child/family friendly environment;
  • Follow-up services, including outpatient mental health services, therapeutic child care in center-based and community homes for ages six weeks through five years, parenting classes, specialized support groups for relative caregivers, foster family care and substance abuse treatment, as needed;
  • Assistance in locating needed community resources; and,
  • Extensive written information and recommendations to assist Children’ Social Workers (CSW’s) with planning decisions.

Specific Services Available at the Hub

CII’s Hub Program provides various levels of assessments. In addition to a comprehensive developmental/psychological assessment of child, the following assessment services are available, as needed:

  • Psychological assessments of parents, prospective caregivers, or adoptive parents;
  • Parent/caregiver-child interaction; and,
  • Assessment of the existing or proposed environment.

The requested assessments are completed within seven (7) days of the referral date. In addition, a formal assessment report is submitted to the CSW within 14 days of the referral date.

Eligibility for Services

Children who are served in Family Maintenance, Family Reunification, relative placements, and guardianship or adoption situations, up to age 21, residing in Los Angeles County, are eligible for services. In addition, children enrolled in Medi-Cal fee-for-service and Medi-Cal Managed Care are eligible to receive the assessment services.

Referral Steps

CII Hub Program referrals are made by the Public Health Nurses (PHNs) who are outstationed in our offices. CSWs should contact a PHN and request a referral packet. The referral packet includes a CII Hub Pre-Assessment Questionnaire; Consent for Services; Department of Mental Health Consent for Release of Information or Records; and, a Caregiver Report of Child’s Behavior and Development. The PHN is available to assist the CSW in preparing the referral materials and will contact CII to process the referral.

The CII HUB Pre-Assessment Questionnaire, Consent for Services, Department of Mental Health Consent for Release of Information or Records forms are attached.


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CONTACT:    Griselda Perez (213) 351-5770

                         Paul Freedlund, Division Chief