F O R   Y O U R   I N F O R M A T I O 0

ISSUE  01-10

DATE:  04/01


This is to announce the new web-based MacLaren Children’s Center Statistical Reporting (MSR) application. MCC statistical reports can now be accessed through LAKids. The MSR application is an automated statistical reporting system that tracks MacLaren Children’s Center (MCC) population data for all children admitted into MCC. It is a master-reporting tool utilized by MCC staff to generate daily, weekly and monthly reports from CWS/CMS data. The MSR web deployment function provides our DCFS colleagues the ability to view and retrieve MCC statistical reports from the LAKids web site.

The LAKids MSR web site incorporates a system of authorities and privileges that determine what information is available to users. MSR reports are classified as "Public" or "Confidential". All DCFS employees may view public statistical reports from the LAKids MSR web site.

Access to confidential reports with child identifying information requires entering a User ID and Password into the MSR application.  Access to confidential reports must have the approval of the MCC Administrator or Division Chief.  Anyone wanting access to confidential reports must obtain a User ID by completing the MCC MSR Request for Confidential Child Reports Security Registration Form.  You may obtain a registration form from MCC's MSR Security Officer at (626) 455-4575.  Submit your request for approval and issuance of the User ID to the Administrator, Interagency Children's Services Consortium or the Division Chief of MacLaren Children's Center.


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CONTACT:    Pam Jacobian (562) 497-3352

                         Joi Russell, Interim Division Chief