August, 2000


The Department of Justice has granted approval for our Department to obtain background clearances that provide full disclosure.   You will now receive all arrest and all court activities, rather than the limited information, (convictions and related arrests) provided at the inception of Live Scan, January 1, 2000.  Exceptions are juvenile and marijuana offenses, and those crimes, that by law, the Department of Justice cannot provide.  This means that there should be a discernable decrease in the response time for Live Scan clearances.  Individuals born prior to 1945 continue to require manual process, which may result in a delay.

Additionally, Live Scan technicians are now available in all offices (with the exception of Wateridge and MacLaren Children's Center) to complete background clearances for Adoptive parents.  Clients are to continue to be referred to the office nearest their home or employment during regular business hours.  Annotation of "Adoptive Parent" at the top of the page is required for clear identification of the referral, data entry and billing processes for adoptive parents.

Live Scan procedures will continue to be enhanced in order to enable us to provide more efficient and complete services to our clients and staff.   Comments and or questions should be directed to the Live Scan Committee in c/o Teresa Arevalo, Live Scan Project Manager at (626) 858-1502 or via e-mail.